I began to work with Mathew after I met him from a BLS CPR class he taught. Not only was he a great instructor of BLS CPR, but he was a great mentor to talk to since during that time I was lost in which career path to pursue. The way he worked with me showed me his passion in mentoring and guiding others in the field of PT. Matt carefully helped me organize and plan my academic classes to fit the requirements of pre-requisites of PT school. Since I was beginning to switch majors from Pharmaceutical Sciences to Physical Therapy, Matt helped me gain confidence in my application and advised in making key decisions that made me unique and visible as an applicant as a PT student candidate. He rigorously brought me up to speed with other applicants and he significantly helped me review my personal statement in order to personify the story I was giving to the admissions department. And within one year I made the switch from pursuing Pharmacy to pursuing PT, something I could not believe would happen so quickly. With Matt’s help, I was able to get accepted to USC, one of the top PT schools in America as well as other PT schools in the nation.
— Vincent H., Doctor of Physical Therapy Candidate, Class of 2019
The medical school application process could be summed up in one word: disheartening. Students, like myself, dedicate years of effort towards this process, shell out a good sum of money for applications, write numerous essays marathon-style... and are still expected to not take rejections “personally.” It truly is a crap shoot. Yet when I worked with Matt, he offered a surplus of support and insightful guidance that made a significant positive impact in my application. Matt gave great suggestions to my secondary essays and helped me gain confidence in my interview skills. He was my number one supporter, always a quick phone call or text away whether I needed clarification about an edit or his words of encouragement. I could not have asked for a better mentor throughout this extremely stressful process.
— C.V., UCSD School of Medicine
I went to Matt to read over and offer his feedback on my personal statement for the PharmCAS. Some of his comments paralleled some of my own thoughts and advice received from others. However, much of Matt’s feedback revealed a new insight into my prompt and novel areas of my professional life to touch upon. It would have helped me in my personal statement writing process if I had opted to ask Matt for his advice sooner so I could have tried to integrate all my ideas and his ideas into a cohesive statement from the beginning. However, after taking into consideration all of his advice and making final edits, I produced a personal statement that I was (finally) very satisfied with, and which a faculty interviewer of mine has even praised. Big thank you to Matt!!
— Connie K., Pharm.D. Student, Class of 2020
It was a pleasure working with Matt. He is very professional with the work he does and his consulting services are exemplary. Matt helped me with reviewing my personal statement and resume. He made sure that I answered all of the questions that an admissions committee would ask regarding my personal statement. Matt takes all of the steps necessary to tie all of the loose ends in your application so that you can put your best foot forward. He tries to make your application shine. His personal review of my statement of purpose and the advice that he gave me really pushed it to the next level. His help seemed more than just services rendered, but that he was invested in my admission to a Public Health program. I would highly recommend his consulting services!
— Christine B., MPH Candidate
Applying to graduate school is a daunting process. Faced with the challenge of a personal statement and numerous supplemental essays, I didn’t know where to begin at first. Fortunately, Matt thoroughly understood the application process and provided me with insightful guidance. He explained the fundamentals of writing a strong personal statement and professionally answered every small question I posed. After I finished my personal statement, he carefully combed through it and provided thoughtful advice on how to expertly improve my writing. I have since incorporated his guidance as the foundation of every application essay I have written. Matt’s help has definitely led to wonderful results as I have received interview offers from every school to which I have applied.

I recommend Matt with the utmost confidence. He strives for your professional success as much as you do.
— Norman C., Doctor of Optometry Student
I went to Matt just for some basic help with my resume, but I definitely got a lot more than I expected out of it. He gave me detailed edits on content as well as formatting and word choice. Everything was very organized, and I knew what exactly I had to do and how to do it. I ended up sending my resume back to him with more edits around 4 times! And every time he sent it back with further critiques and with answers to all of my questions. By the end of it, my resume looked and sounded pretty great.

I also sent him my cover letter for a specific job I was applying to and he helped me out a lot with that. He was really good at getting just the right wording to convey what I wanted while staying concise. Glad I had the opportunity to work with Matt. Wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him for help in the future!
— Kristin C., Pre-Physician Assistant Student
I contacted Matt to look over my medical post-bacc personal statement about two weeks before it was due, not expecting much more than small pointers to enhance my application due to the time limit. However, the feedback that I got back was so much more than that - it was comprehensive, compassionate, and challenged me to view the application process from the admission committee’s perspective. Matt’s constructive criticism and comments allowed me to convey my emotions in a very straightforward manner. He analyzed the statement word-for-word, helped me cut out any flowery language, and polished it to a point where I felt confident with my work. With two prompts, and 3 to 4 revisions on each, Matt never made me feel as though I was bothering him with my constant questions. Instead, he was encouraging and made me feel comfortable whenever I felt overwhelmed with the whole process. I will definitely be contacting Matt in the future regarding my personal statement for medical school. I am very satisfied with my experience with Health Grad Advantage, and think Matt will have great luck in the future due to the hard work that he puts into what he does.
— Ramneet M., Post-Baccalaureate Medical Student
The application cycle for grad school was not easy especially since I did not know anyone who was going through the same process as I was for PA school. I had no idea how to start my personal statement and when professors asked me to write a letter of rec for myself, I did not know how to approach it. When interviews rolled around, the whole process was overwhelming. But knowing that Matt was there for me throughout the whole process was very reassuring. Matt has helped me from beginning when I was first starting on my personal statement until the very end when I had my interview. I had two skype sessions with Matt and he helped me prepare extensively for my interview which had helped me learn much more about myself.

I would recommend Health Grad Advantage to anyone who is struggling or overwhelmed with the application process for health grad schools. It is not an easy journey, but with Matt’s help, he will guide you though it in a step by step process. Thank you so much Matt, I really owe it all to you!
— Jessica L., Physician Assistant
I realized I wanted to be a nurse about 2 years into my undergraduate education at UCLA. Everyone I knew went directly to nursing school from high school, and here I was getting a degree in microbiology. When I tried to transfer into UCLA’s nursing program, I was informed that they did not accept UCLA transfers. I became extremely overwhelmed and stressed out with figuring out how to reach my end career goal and went to Matt for help. Matt is pursuing a career in physical therapy, but don’t let that deter you from seeking his help because he is very knowledgeable about the healthcare system and the qualities of a future healthcare provider.
Matt listened to my goals of not only becoming a nurse, but also doing so in a timely matter such that my personal life goals could be achieved simultaneously. He worked diligently with me to develop a plan that is very realistic.
After helping me develop a plan, Matt helped me acquire key internships and volunteer positions that would not only build my resume, but would give me great hands-on experience that would teach me more about the nursing field. He helped me prepare for interviews and constantly proofread my resume and cover letters.
I quickly became comfortable with trusting Matt. When you meet with him, you realize that he doesn’t just want you to get accepted into grad school, but he ultimately is trying to help you become the best nurse (or other healthcare provider) possible. Though my resume and interview skills are much more impressive than when I first went to him, Matt continues to check up on me to make sure I’m on track with the plan we created together, or to see if any modifications need to be made.
I will be keeping in touch with Matt when I apply to nursing school next year so that he can review my personal statement and prepare me for the application process as a whole.
Thank you so much for your help, Matt!!
— Erica F., Nursing Student

Health Grad Advantage clients have gained admission to numerous top healthcare professional programs, including:

A friend of mine had heard about a mentoring company started by a fellow Bruin and I looked into it as I’m applying for medical school for the next round. I wanted a lot of things looked over, my resume, personal statement, and an inside on different MCAT courses in my area.

I sent in my resume with revisions based on his critiques about five times and Matt didn’t mind at all. He didn’t just help me format my resume, he helped me build it with my strengths and taught me how to choose the right words for different types of jobs and internships. I’ve never really written a cover letter so Matt sent me a couple of different ones geared for different positions and explained to me how you could take the same skills and apply them to different job applications.

With my personal statement, we literally revised it 180, it looks nothing like the beginning and changed drastically from being an essay to a personal statement. I was very confused on my personal statement, treating it like a college entry essay, but Matt explained the emotions and feelings a reader is supposed to feel when reading my personal statement and how I was being seen through it while keeping it professional.

Matt also gave me a list of pros and cons between Princeton Review, Kaplan, and Swartwood in my area and gave me recommendations based on my transcript and how well I did in certain classes. He also broke it down between teaching styles and which one best suited me.

Even with the time difference, there was no problem keeping in touch with Matt even for one question emails. Everything was done in a timely manner, much faster than I had thought it would be to revise certain things. I’m extremely happy with the results and my experience with Health Grad Advantage. I think this is a great company to help guide students.
— Grace H., Premed Student
I was fortunate to have Matt’s help with my personal statement, and my interview preparations. He spent a great deal of time reviewing my personal statement and was able to break down each and every sentence and explain how it can be improved. His expertise especially in the field of physical therapy has helped me address specific points and real examples that were actually asked during the interview. He even went out of his way to do extensive research on physical therapy topics that could possibly be addressed during the interview. He ensured that no stone was left unturned.

Through his one-on-one Skype sessions, Matt was able to address my concerns, and find my strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly reassure my abilities. Like everyone says, graduate school applications can be one of the most stressful moments in your life, but I was glad to have Matt help me gain my confidence as a future student and current applicant to physical therapy school.

Thanks Matt!
— Steve O., Physical Therapy
I’m a senior in college applying to med schools this upcoming cycle, which is an exciting but very stressful process! My first order of business was getting a statement of purpose written for a professor, whom I was asking to provide me with a letter of recommendation. I was on a serious time crunch so I wrote down a draft and other ideas I had for my statement. I also had a lot of questions and was starting to feel overwhelmed so I went to Matt from Health Grad Advantage for guidance. He responded quickly and helped me the next day with my statement! THE NEXT DAY! Talking to him really put me at ease for my statement and I got great feedback from him. When I gave my statement to my professor, he knew right away the points I was trying to make and felt the passion I was conveying through my statement, which was very exciting to hear. Matt’s guidance was a great help and he is such a caring mentor! Thanks for everything!
— Kelly, T., Premed Student
A friend told me about Health Grad Advantage a few weeks back and at the time I somewhat had a plan on what I should do after I graduate. I figured I would try this out and boy am I glad I did!

I was in constant contact with Matt through email and even personal meetings and not only did he clear up what I needed to do after I graduate, but he did extensive research on what graduate schools were there that would aid in my career path. Matt also revised my resume and it looked way better than it was before!

By reviewing my academic history and previous experience, he has helped me plan my next few years towards my goal. This service has far exceeded my expectations and I will definitely recommend to a friend.
— Jason C., Premed Student